Operation Static Monkey revealed!

So we had a lovely time on Tuesday night! There was lots of laughing, drinking and carrying on…I believe a great time was had by all.

Here are the “Public” pictures of that evening…. we also have some “private” ones that were a result of cheap box wine and extreme comfort with one another…

Christin is happy

Our Beautiful birthday girl…

What could it be?

What could it be?  Operation Static monkey….

Christin and Carla getting to know each other...

Introducing Carla! Christin was the only Lusty Lady with out a sewing machine machine so we had to remedy that!

The other "lushy" Lusty ladies

The LUSHY ladies!

All for me...

Time for cake. Does she think if she licks it no one else will want to eat it??? Yeah right…we totally eat after each other all the time.


It was such a great night! And we even managed to get a little sewing accomplished…


5 thoughts on “Operation Static Monkey revealed!

  1. Can I just say thanks? For both saving the private pics and for driving my cask of wine drunk @$$ home? THANK YOU!!!

  2. You are very welcome. Safety first….that’s part of the reason I am always the sober one….. you were hilarious!!!!!

  3. I really wish we lived nearer to each other also! However it seems like both of our husbands get moved around a bit so it is still possible!!! I miss you a lot

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