An unexpected surgery for Bernie….

Last week when I was at Bernina Guide club is Wausau I was working on the Stripped to pieces bag and all of a sudden Bernie started revolting. None of her stitches were working and she kept breaking needles and thread. Karen came over because obviously I was doing something wrong (insert eye roll here) however she could not fix it either. It was a good thing Al (Bernie’s Doctor) was there so he could have a look at her. While he looked at her I stepped out of the room to call Michael since I was pissed. When I came back in the room this is what I witnessed…. it was tragic….I was shocked and appalled

100_1355 by you.


100_1356 by you.


Poor Bernie sitting there with all her gadgets and whatnots exposed. Al was able to get her to cooperate that night however when she is have some tension/thread bunching issues still. this will require me to drive to Rhinelander 2 hours away and wait for her to be seen by the Doctor again….. Not a great time for her to fall ill since I have serious holiday sewing to be working on and tomorrow is Craft night!


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