A Wonderful Weekend!

I had an absolutely lovely weekend. Its was quite busy but I had a great time.

Friday when I got home from work and after I cut my sister’s hair I spent the evening working on my YBR quilt and doing a little water coloring.

Saturday I went on a little road trip with my friend Dawn from Church. We went to Osseo, Wi to visit a quilt shop and the Norske Nook. They can make a pie like ain’t nobodies business! Yummy! I had the chocolate mousse there and brought home a blueberry pie. I actually ate blueberry pie for breakfast this morning. Amazing.

Osseo, Wi is a quaint little rural town and the drive is beautiful. Its about 2 hours from Stevens Point and we got to see lots of gorgeous farmland, trees and Amish people (I am fascinated by Amish people only slightly less then I am fascinated by little people)

We popped into the The Quilt Yard which is a great shop that is actually owned by Betty Cotton of the Cotton Theory method. That will make sense to you quilters out there. You will be shocked and surprised that I did not buy a single thing although I lusted over lots.

Then we went into a couple of the little shops and artisans boutiques. This town is very “Art Friendly”. I thoughly enjoyed my time there and will be arranging for the Lusty Ladies to go on a road trip for pie.

Here are some pictures.


This Turkey was fashioned from old car parts. Up-cycling at its best. He brought a big smile to my face and his image was promoted to computer background. If he wasn’t so expensive or I wasn’t so poor he would have made the trip home with me.


The Norske Nook is a Scandinavian restaurant with mediocre food and the worlds most amazing pies. Seriously just eat pie for dinner and pie for dessert!




The variety of pies was mind boggling! It was SO hard to pick just one (or in my case two)


Award winning pies….Seriously. I was slightly shocked that there IS actually an national pie competition…





It was a relaxing and wonderful day and I seriously needed one of those.


How random and funny is this guy??? He cracked me up!

Today after church I went out to Emily’s house and we took pictures in the old country, rural cemeteries. It was a great day to shot that since is was grey, dreary and cold…. I hope the film turns out well. And now I have to take back calling Miss Emily a sissy since she manned up and went to the grave yard with me. Although she wouldn’t go at night so I will only half take it back.


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