Emily is such a wimp



Major Chicken

Chicken A Go-Go by Domain Barnyard


I had this brilliant idea to go to a local cemetery to take some pictures. Possibly have a model dress as an apparition from the 1940’s or something. Cemeteries are great places for inspiration. They are creepy and romantic places full of old memories. It always makes me wonder about the people who are buried there; Where they a good person? Do they still have family living? Did they find their soul mate? Did they have a relationship with God? How did they die? And while I am known for being a ‘fraidy cat I am not creeped out by cemeteries.


However apparently Emily is…. wuss.

Oh well I am sure I can get Tweet to go so long as I don’t try to get her to pose nude.


One thought on “Emily is such a wimp

  1. Boo! I am not a wimp. Except about the cold. Pick a warm summer night for cemetary photoshoots and I’m your girl.

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