I have goals….

To live a simpler more content life. This is something we (as in Michael and I) have been working on for a little while now but I wanted to take this time to blog it out. Hopefully that will hold me more accountable and give me something to refer back to. Life runs by at such a hectic pace and massive consumerism and waste are a huge problem for many. I no longer wish to be one of those people who allow “stuff” to control their life and dictate their happiness. I want to be content with what I have been blessed with (and I have been blessed abundantly) and strive to be more self- sufficient. We have been working on this for a little while now and have made some improvements but we have a LONG way to go. I also feel like we are always on the run… we have so many obligations. I want a more home centered life as opposed to always going somewhere. Which is why I have started making our home somewhere we would want to be. That will be a bit of effort.

My goals….

1.) Reorganize and declutter. I am a creative person so I usually have a lot going on and I have so many ideas but somehow this translates into a great deal bit of chaos. How did people who moved here from Michigan in a small U-haul manage to acquire so much junk many treasures in such a small amount of time? I need to stop taking other people’s junk liberating unwanted treasures. Its just that I find so much pleasure in taking something destined for the rubbish heap and giving it a new and improved life. Its an even better feeling when the friend who gave me the object sees it when I am done and A) doesn’t recognize it but loves it or B) wants it back. I have a back log of items that need an update so I shall work on those.

2) Stop the shopping. I know the local and virtual fabric shops aren’t feeling the economic crisis….it’s not possible with Crys out there acquiring fabric at such an alarming rate. MUST STICK TO FABRIC FAST. And I can not replace fabric shopping with other shopping. Like I did with shoes. I use to acquire new shoes like a maniac frequently until I discovered my love of fabric. My husband and friends were so impressed when I was no longer shopping for shoes all the time….until they seen my sewing studio. Now my problems with Materialism really is material….

3) Support local agriculture and business. This is something I have tried to do as much as possible. I encourage others to also since it is so important for small business and farmers and our community. It also makes it harder for BIG Business AKA “The Man” to stick it to the little guy. And I would prefer my produce, dairy and meat not to be harvested before they were ready just to make a cross country “road-trip”.

4) Buy Hand Made. I love Esty! For those who do not know Etsy is an online market place that allows artisans to sell their home made wares to a broader audience. Also support local artisans and crafters. As an artist and crafter myself I generally make a lot of my own holiday gifts but this year we are aiming for 100% home made.

5) Eat at Home. This will surprise some since I love to bake and cook so much however one of then many down falls of always being on the go and busy it always “just picking something up”. I need to plan ahead better and go back to making my freezer meals for when I am short on time.

6) Repurpose, ReUse, Recycle. I am trying to be as environmentally friendly as possible. I grow a huge organic garden and preserve the fruits of my labors through canning, drying (not very often) and freezing. I use environmentally safe AKA “green” cleaning supplies for the most part (we have a few we are fazing out). I compost (have you seen that HUGE, ugly green ball in my back yard!!!). We are making the transition to cloth napkins, grocery bags and cleaning rags as opposed to paper products. But since this is something I feel so strongly about I need refocus and put more effort into being more environmentally friendly.

7) Be Content. I should be happy with the things I do have and not always be working, saving, thinking about the things I do not. I have been richly blessed and want to find true joy, peace and CONTENTMENT. I need to be cured of “stuff-itis” Focus on saving.

8 ) Make a Home Manager Manual. I need to work on being more organized. This would assist me with managing and running my household much more efficiently. If I get the skills in place now it will make it much easier for when/if we are blessed with children.

9) Decorate. Since one of my goals is to spend more time at home I need to focus on making it a place we want to be. I do have a few rooms that are cute (when they are clean) but I have a lot of blank canvas (under the clutter) also. My goal is to make our home a cozy, fabulous space that truly reflects who we are…quirky weirdos…just kidding. I would like to be surrounded by things that are inspirational, envoke good feelings and do not need to be dusted…

Well thats me…what are your goals?


3 thoughts on “I have goals….

  1. What a wonderful list to aspire to achieve. I wholeheartedly agree with each and every one. I do not spend a lot on fabric, but you should see all my fancy cloth diapers, and my oodles of baby carriers, and my bins of soft yarn. The money just flies right out of the bank sometimes. We have a lot of similar goals in our house…..it’s a long slow road at times, but one worth traveling.

    Good luck!

  2. Great goals. I feel like I have a lot of the same goals. I constantly struggle with materialistic desires. I pull out clothes from last year and what looked great then looks frumpy now. I constantly want to go out and buy new sweaters, t-shirts, and pants b/c the ones that I have aren’t good enough. They’re still better than a lot of people in the world have available to them.

    I too have been making the transition into green living. I’ve picked up two of the reusable grocery bags and have switched to the Method brand shower cleaner. I try to keep the water turned to a low setting when doing dishes and have really been wanting to cook for myself more. That has by FAR been the most challenging of my personal goals. It’s not that I don’t like cooking, it’s that I’m intimidated by it and have a hard time coming up with new ideas.

    The other decision that I’ve come to recently is to not let my decision to get healthy be affected by my husband. I know that he wants to loose weight and get healthy. It’s hard for him so I try to include him in as many healthy activities as I can: walks, dinners, gym. However, my desire to encourage and support him loosing weight has been inhibiting me to take charge of my own health. We’re on different schedules, so I’ll put off going to the gym to see if he’ll want to go, and then when he doesn’t want to, I decide not to either. I’ve been constantly finding myself waiting around for my husband to go exercise. As much as it pains me to see him put himself down about being overweight, I can’t allow my desire to support him to keep me from taking the steps to make myself more fit and healthy. I hope that he’ll start taking charge of his own health, but I can no longer wait around for him to get serious.

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