Crys is Cre8ting…

Thought I would do a post to let everyone knows what I am currently working on.

On the needles now is this for Barbara for Christmas…. I am not ruining a surprise here since she was there when I bought it. Actually she picked up the sample and said “make me this”. She even picked out the yarn. Its made of cheap yarn which is hare for me since I am a yarn snob and prefer working with natural fibers and hand dyed yarn. Oh well, I know she will appreciate it and I love giving gifts. Now I must decide on holiday presents for the other Lusty Ladies….

Bernie and I are working on this quilt for Tilena’s christmas present. The focus fabric is this that Tiffany brought back from Paducah’s fabric heaven.

I am also working on this bag for my dear mother in law. I am using these fabric for spring. But I need to make her a holiday bag also.

I have also designed our holiday cards and gathered the supplies I need to execute them. I just need to create them and address envelopes. I also need to update my address list so I can send my home made cards to all the people I care about (and those I am obligated to acknowledge) SO if I do not have your address please email me!

On the Art front I am attempting to capture the amazing display mother nature is putting on for us this Autumn on film.

I am also working on a college with all the fortune cookie fortunes I have been collecting for a couple years now. This project is taking on a life of its own and it becoming very dimensional. Exciting but my muse only allows me to focus on this for short spurts of time.

I am not painting anything right now but I am hoping to get to art village on Saturday to be inspired by the art of Wassily Kandinsky. I am digging anything Russian right now and it is about time to get the brushes and pigments out!

Sorry for all the links (I hate it when people do that excessively) however someone just learned a new trick!


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