Sewing Circle Night

Was rescheduled from our usual Tuesday night due to my poor neglected husband. So we are having it tonight while Michael is out with friends. I have high hopes for getting things accomplished tonight. My goal is to get Tilena’s Yellow Brick road all cut out…. doesn’t seem like too much but I will also be socializing and acting up with the lusty ladies. But my fingers are crossed


Yesterday I was off and man was I busy. Let us recap poor Crys’ day off

got up at six to go to gym but realized sleeping would be more fun….

got up again at 8 to go to work…yes, it was my day off but I showed up for 3 hours of OT

Got off at noon and met Mr. Michael for lunch at the wooden chair which is this quirky and cute little restaurant here. Michael got the same thing he always does which is Eggs Benedict and I got the crabby guy (crab salad on english muffin) and tomato basil soup (which was no where near as good as Cheese Louis’ tomatoe basil)

Then it was off to the eye dr for both of us. Michael wanted new glasses and its was about time. I might have run my glasses over with my car…again…but let’s not discuss that. We both found cute frames. I could not decide which contact I wanted and since I still have a few pair at home I decided to wait.

Then I drove to Wausau to meet Brenda for some shopping and dinner in honor of her birthday. She turned 30 and I mocked her. I am glad I am not 30 yet (just kidding, sort of) … I have decided to go backwards and turn 27 again. I picked Brenda’s fall wardrobe out for her and then we went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. The food there is ok but I am so not into the “throw the peanut shells on the floor” thing. AT ALL…. I put mine in the extra bucket but then the waiter came along and took out shell bucket and dumped it on the floor. Good Grief!

When I got home it was late (I missed Ace of Cakes) and Bucky was there. Bucky is the dog we dog sat for then stole. Dawn (his mother) has agreed to joint custody. We love him, he is so much fun. Except he thinks its his right to pick his spot first in bed….and yes he just assumed that was where he would be sleeping. I am not use to having a dog (albiet a small one) in bed with me.

Now for this crappy day at work to be over so I can go and get my “sew on”


P.S. I am sooooo glad Leanne won Project Runway. Although I also loved Korto. Actually I sould say I am sooo glad Kensley DID NOT win…she sucks and has a bad attitude.


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