another lifetime ago

I been a little late to jump on the face book band wagon but I finally signed up to see what it was all about. Its interesting and I was able to reconnect with some girls I was extremely close to once upon a time (in middle school). I am really grateful for that since I always wondered what became of them. We lost touch when I was snatched from my youth in the middle of the night and sent to live in Tennessee with my grandmother. That’s another post all together…

But it got me thinking about the girl I was so long ago. I have changed a great deal like most people do as they age and mature but my life swerved sharply off the path I was on and I ended up completely different then anyone would have ever expected. Do I think it was God’s plan for me to be sent away from everything I knew into an abusive environment? Hell no, I do not worship a cruel and malicious God. But I do think He gave me the strength to endure the situation and the wisdom to see the necessity in changing my ways so that I was not destined to repeat the cycle of abuse and misery.

But back to that early teenage version of myself… The words most people would have used to describe her would have been; out going, impulsive, crazy, promiscuous, funny, self destructive and wild. I would describe her as lonely, self destructive, experimental, sad, funny and WILD. While these are not the best attributes to possess and I was that girl mother’s did not what their children playing with. I was full of excitement, emotion and humor. However I am glad I did not turn into the train wreck I was destined to become and am very grateful for the people who did make a positive impact in my life. I am proud of myself and the woman I became.

But I must confess that sometimes I miss that girl….


One thought on “another lifetime ago

  1. Wow. We look SO young! I didn’t feel THAT young at the time. But I look like such a tiny little girl. LOL That’s good in the long road, because it’s what keeps me looking young now…right? 🙂
    I think wild would be one of the words I’d use, but not necessarily in a bad way. I was pretty innocent and sheltered, and you were the opposite in some ways. But you were definitely full of life and a fun friend, and one of the best friends I ever had.
    I agree that I would not have imagined your life turning out as it has, but I am so happy that it did. You’ve grown up to be such an amazing woman, and we have so much in common. And I treasure that we have been able to reconnect.

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