Yes, we are a strange couple…

Things are usually a lot of fun at McKissick manor. We have birds….lots of birds. Little zebra finches that we treat like people. One boy whose name is Boi Byrd (original I know) and 4 girls known as “Bryd’s Harem” Audrey his wife and his sisters Molly, Michelle and Gimpy (yes she is handicap and we are not politically correct).

Michael loves these stupid little things and plays with them all the time. They have such personality but Byrd can be pretty mean since he thinks he rules the roost. They can also be extremely loud for little creatures who are only the size of an egg.

Last night while I was turing Katie into a sexy beast Michael went to get us all happy meals. We got barbie toys, even Michael who was strangly excited to own his first Barbie….The following pictures are a result of his excitement. We know we are weirdos and we are cool with that.


2 thoughts on “Yes, we are a strange couple…

  1. I don’t know how I feel about Michael turning Boi Byrd into a cross dresser with Barbie’s clothing… And that second pic of Boi Byrd really says it all!

  2. I’m surprised to see that you did not get my Barbie in on the action as well. She is at work today, kicking it with the creepy blue Winky Guard. Just imagine the freaky children they will one day make.

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