Lustly Ladies Quest for Knowledge

A.K.A The Book Club…. It consist of Katie, Christin, Barbara, Melissa and me. Actually Michael also thinks he is part of the book club but he comes up a little short in the lusty lady department. The book club started out as a way to make friends with girls I already liked at work and to stimulate our minds. The first book we read was The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. Everyone thought it was an amazing read. We met at my house and for dinner I prepared and spinach and bacon salad, kirschwasser swiss cheese fondue and chocolate fondue and cheesecake. We had an amazing night. We selected to read Persepolis for our second selection. Photos from our fabulous soiree.


Now our little book club has big ideas. So instead of just reading books and chatting about them over a good bottle of wine (which would be the easy way to do it) we decided to take a book club field trip to Europe and to fund our trip by selling our homemade wares. I will keep you posted on how that goes but do check out to support the cause.


One thought on “Lustly Ladies Quest for Knowledge

  1. Oh man! I totally need copies of these photos. The only ones I took were of the magnificent table spread. SIDE NOTE: I am really craving that cheese fondu again.

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