Fun with Facebook

I am completely behind the times when it comes to computer or technology related things but after succumbing to peer pressure I finally signed up for a facebook account. I am still confused as to why I did this since I rarely use the computer when I am at home and we aren’t allowed to use facebook/myspace at work. I actually have a myspace I never use.

Facebook was pretty interesting however I am slightly disturbed. After only 6 hours with an account I felt like I was living a virtual “this is your life”. So many people from my past sent friend requests. This would have been great if we had actually been friends back in the day and they wanted to reconnect. Alas no, just a friend request with no message, no “hey how has life been treating you in the 10 years since we last seen each other”, no nothing. Weird. And the co-worker thing is also strange. Why would you send me a friend request just because we work at the same company? If we never talk, not ever to say hello in passing why would you want to be my facebook friend? I live in a small town but work at a huge company so what is the etiquette here? Approve to be nice or decline on principle? Any thoughts?

I am very happy that I was able to reconnect with some friends I was very close with when I was in middle school. It will be interesting and exciting to see how this evolves. I was such a different girl then and I certainly didn’t take the path most people expected me to but that’s another post all together.


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