Youth Rally in Black River Falls.

Yesterday Michael and I took the youth up to Black River Falls for the all night youth rally they were having. We have a lot of obligations this weekend so it is really a juggling act. Last night was also the men’s night out at our church which is really just the guys copying our Ladies craft nights but Michael wouldn’t fess up to what crafts they did. Apparently they had fun because they kept texting Becca and I telling us they would be “just a little longer” so Becca and I went to the fabric store to pick up some green fabric for her super secret project. I love this child. I wish I could just keep her forever. She is really getting good at making yo yos.

So they guys finally showed up at 9:30 so we could start our 2 hour drive to Black River Falls. I was slightly worried how the night would go when Bryce fell asleep in the van on the way. But in true Bryce fashion he just chugged Mt. Dew and got a bit wacked when we arrived. It is my personal opinion that Mt. Dew and coffee should be classifed in the same catagory as beer and liquor. Must have ID. Must be 21. What crazy person thought it would be a good idea to pump these kids full of Mt. Dew, coffee and large amounts of junk food and then go to bed so they could run wild through the woods all night? I was under the impression that all the evening activites would be scheduled and planned but shortly after we arrive the preacher and his wife left to go out of town and the other adult couple went to bed. Great. Around 2am I couldn’t make it anymore and I had to go to sleep since I was driving the van full of children and Michael home in the morning and was hoping not to kill us all.

We get home around 10 am (barely since I only got like 2.5 hours of sleep) everyone proceed to crash at our house. Seriously Bryce just face planted right into the couch and stayed right where he landed. But I noon I had to wake everyone up to go to Oliver’s 5th birthday party at the mall. I was only slightly surprised to receive the death glares from the sweet children whom I know love me very much. We drug our groggy buts to the children’s museum for the party. Except Michael, he flat our refused to get up. He said he wasn’t 5 so it wouldn’t be fun and we are taking Oliver for his special day next week anyway. I can’t say he was wrong so I didn’t argue with him. We try to take each of the children at church out for a special day around their birthdays.

The party was very cute and everything but was attended by more 5 year olds then I was comfortable with. The cake the museum was tiny and I guess they only felt the need to provide cake to the already sugar hyped children. Is it wrong to say that if I had known this in advance I would have also blown off the party? Who picks lemon poppy seed flavored cake for a birthday anyway. I have a strong relationship with birthday cake. Anyway Michelle and I blew off the party a bit early and went to Bill’s Pizza for with Tyler and their kids. I came home around 4:30 and proceed directly to my bed and only woke up at 8:30 which means I will probably not sleep much tonight. Maybe it will be an all night quilt a thon?



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